Alias Partners

Whether wealth management, advisory services, analysis, or the selection of investments – all aspects of what they do are equally important to the people who work at Alias Partners.

In other words: working with independent wealth managers ensures that you receive tailored solutions, whatever your asset situation.

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A full range of wealth management services

To cover the requirements in all situations, Alias Partners offers expertise in all aspects of wealth management, with services ranging from discretionary management and investment advisory to analysis.

Safeguarding clients’ interests

Putting in place fully personalized wealth management solutions, striving constantly for performance, being available for clients whenever needed: this is what Alias Partners does every day to safeguard the interests of its clients. To this end, the wealth managers use efficient methodologies and high-performance technologies that also optimize the operational, administrative, and regulatory aspects of the business.

A versatile team and impressive network

To make sure everything runs smoothly, Alias Partners can rely on its versatile team and an extensive network of bankers, lawyers, tax advisers, real estate experts, and accountants.


Established in 1972

Alias Partners is one of the oldest independent wealth management firms in Geneva. Its partners have advised clients steadfastly and successfully since 1972 – through periods of crisis as well as periods of growth. Formerly known as CRSC Gestion, the company was renamed Alias Partners in 2018 to secure its brand and strengthen its business.