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      General information

Founded in 1972, Alias Partners SA is a public limited company registered in the Commercial Register under number CHE-107.755.152 and subject to the Federal Law on Financial Institutions (LEFin). Its registered office is at rue de Contamines 16 – 1206 Geneva.

Alias Partners SA is a financial entity authorized as a Collective Asset Manager since 2022. It is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA – Laupenstrasse 3003 Bern in Switzerland. 

     Financial services

The Swiss Financial Services Act FinSA governs the provision of financial services and the offering of financial instruments. Its aim is to provide better protection for investors, and sets out the framework for its application.

The following services qualify as financial services:

  • the acquisition or disposal of financial instruments;
  • receiving and transmitting orders for financial instruments;
  • management of financial instruments (asset management);
  • issuing personalized recommendations concerning transactions in financial instruments (investment advice);

As a Collective Asset Manager, Alias Partners SA falls within the scope of the law as a provider of financial services in Switzerland, such as asset management, global investment advice or advice on individual transactions for private, professional and institutional clients.

The General Terms and Conditions and the mandate specify the contractual provisions and set out the terms of execution. 

Asset management involves risks. Before using this type of financial service, the customer must understand these risks. Risks can be of several kinds, including those linked to the chosen investment strategy, as well as those linked to the loss of value of financial instruments.

In order to limit these risks, Alias Partners SA has put in place appropriate measures to manage them, notably by respecting the principles of good faith, diligence and equal treatment.  

In this respect, the service provider who provides discretionary management services or investment advice on the entire portfolio to a private client must obtain information on the client’s financial situation, investment objectives, risk appetite and financial knowledge and experience. 

Where services are limited to the execution or transmission of customer orders, Alias Partners SA does not issue any recommendations. Therefore, no verification of appropriateness and/or suitability is carried out insofar as the service provided is limited to the execution/transmission of orders on the customer’s initiative.

     Information on products and associated risks

Financial instruments entail risks as well as investment opportunities. In this respect, and in order to help customers make relevant investment decisions and understand their characteristics as well as the risks involved, Alias Partners SA recommends that customers refer to the brochure entitled “Risks inherent in trading financial instruments (2023)” issued by the Swiss Bankers Association (SBA), which can be downloaded from the link or from our website.

     Customer classification

As a financial services provider, Alias Partners SA must classify its customers in one of the three categories defined by law: private, professional or institutional.      

In writing and based on certain criteria, a customer can request to change category to one offering more protection (opting-in) or conversely offering a lower protection regime (opting-out).

Definitions of each classification are given below and can be found in our General Terms and Conditions.

Private customers: Non-professional customers are considered to be private customers.

Private clients benefit from a high level of protection in the form of information, documentation and reporting obligations, including the free provision of a basic information sheet on the financial instrument(s) recommended.

Under the provisions of the Swiss Collective Investment Schemes Act (CISA), private clients do not enjoy the status of qualified investors. Consequently, they have limited and reserved access to certain types of financial products, such as foreign collective investment schemes (UCITS).

If a discretionary management or global advisory mandate has been contracted with Alias Partners SA, the exception applies, unless the client declares in writing (opting-out) that he wishes to be considered as a non-qualified investor.

Nevertheless, high-net-worth private customers may declare in writing that they wish to change category and be considered as professional customers (opting-out) provided they meet the following conditions:

  • have assets > CHF 500,000 and the knowledge necessary to understand the risks of investments due to personal training and professional or comparable experience in the financial sector, or
  • assets > CHF 2,000,000.

Professional customers: Professional customers are defined as (i) private investment structures with a professional treasury set up for wealthy customers, (ii) companies with a professional treasury, and (iii) large companies meeting certain financial criteria linked to balance sheet or sales figures.

Professional clients enjoy less protection under the FinSA and automatically qualify as qualified investors under the CISA/CISO.

Nevertheless, professional customers can declare in writing that they want more protection and opt-in to be considered as a private customer, or conversely request less protection to be considered as an institutional customer (opting-out).

Institutional clients: Institutional clients are all clients who are neither private nor professional (i.e. banks, insurance companies). The FinSA does not require any verification for institutional clients.

However, they can ask for more protection by declaring this in writing and requesting to be considered as a professional customer (opting-in).

     Market offer taken into consideration

The market offer taken into consideration when selecting financial instruments is based on financial instruments issued by third parties and financial instruments managed by Alias Partners SA.

     Business links with third parties

Alias Partners SA provides clarification on the receipt of third-party remuneration and the management of conflicts of interest in the provision of financial services to its clients.

The remuneration received by Alias Partners SA for the services provided consists of (i) management fees paid by clients and fund management companies and (ii) pecuniary benefits paid by banks, fund companies and issuers of financial products, which may take the form of commissions, indemnities, bonuses or retrocessions, hereinafter referred to as “third-party remuneration” and granted by clients of Alias Partners SA in accordance with the terms set out in the General Terms and Conditions and the mandate.

Third-party remuneration cannot be determined in advance. The amounts received are calculated according to a given category, on a global basis covering the assets under management of Alias Partners SA of a specific counterparty and over a given period.

     Conflicts of interest

Alias Partners SA strives to act professionally, independently and neutrally in its choice and recommendation of products, in order to safeguard the client’s interests, which take precedence over all other interests.

Situations likely to give rise to conflicts of interest have been identified and appropriate organizational measures have been put in place to avoid their occurrence, in accordance with the Conflicts of Interest and Compensation Policy.

The nature of Alias Partners SA’s activities may generate conflicts of interest in the provision of its services, and may give rise to third-party remuneration. In this respect, Alias Partners SA (hereinafter referred to as “the company”) invites the client to take note of the following:

  • The company may invest a portion of the assets under management in financial instruments managed by itself, or recommend them as part of the mandate;
  • For customers invested in such products (investment funds, certificates), the company may receive remuneration for its activities as a collective asset manager and remuneration from its customers for its activities as a private asset manager;
  • Some of the company’s employees may be directors of such investments and shareholders of financial service providers;
  • The company may enter into revenue-generating business relationships with third parties.

When a conflict of interest cannot be resolved, the customer is informed of the nature and origin of the conflict, the resulting risk and the measures taken to reduce it, so that he or she can make an informed decision.

     Dormant Assets

To avoid loss of contact and as a preventive measure, customers are invited to take note of the following measures:

  • Inform Alias Partners SA immediately of any change of address, marital status or means of communication;
  • Provide contact details for a trusted third party in the event of loss of contact;

Further information can be found in the Swiss Bankers Association’s (SBA) guideline on the “Handling of non-contact and dormant assets with Swiss banks” on the handling of dormant assets

    Data protection

 In the course of its business, Alias Partners SA may collect and process personal data about its customers.

Data type

This information and data is collected either directly from them or from authorized representatives, or indirectly from publicly available sources (Bloomberg, World-Check, etc.).

The type of personal data includes the following information:

  • information on a person’s civil status and family situation (surname, first name, date and place of birth, marital status),
  • financial information (assets, real estate, professional income, earnings and investments, debts, taxes),
  • tax information (tax domicile, TIN number),
  • professional information (curriculum vitae, professional activity and experience, website),
  • communications information (telephone numbers, e-mail address, postal address),
  • and any other information related to the interactions and needs of the profession.

Data collected from third parties is processed in the same way as data collected from the individuals themselves.   

Purpose and use of data

Use is exclusively dedicated to the professional needs of Alias Partners SA and is part of the services contracted with its customers.

Alias Partners SA does not profile the personal data of its customers.

Data sharing

Alias Partners SA may share personal data with the third parties listed below and undertakes to complete the list should other recipients be added.

  • Swiss or foreign financial institutions, insurance companies, IT providers,
  • Auditors, national or international regulatory authorities, courts where required by applicable law or regulation.

Shelf life 

Personal data is kept by Alias Partners SA for the duration of the contractual relationship, and ceases to exist when the contract is terminated. The retention period is 10 years. At the end of this period, Alias Partners SA may destroy documentation relating to a historical contractual relationship.   

Access to personal data

Each customer has a right of access to his or her own data and may receive a copy.

He or she may also request that inaccurate information be corrected.

You may also request that your data be deleted if processing is no longer necessary, or if the legal time limit has been reached.  

Data security

Alias Partners SA has implemented all appropriate organizational measures to protect the security of its customers’ personal data against any type of intrusion.  


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     Complaints and mediation body

Alias Partners SA’s priority is customer satisfaction, and the company makes every effort to achieve this. Nevertheless, if Alias Partners SA has not been able to fully satisfy the expectations of one of its customers, they may address their complaints to

At a minimum, the request must contain contact details, the nature of the relationship, the account concerned and a description of the complaint.

If no agreement is reached, it is possible to submit a request to the mediation body, a neutral body available to customers free of charge, whose aim is to settle disputes through conciliation:

Ombud Finance Switzerland (OFS)
Rue du Conseil Général 10
1205 Geneva















The content of the present notice is available to readers, but may not be used without the prior consent of Alias Partners SA. The entire content is subject to copyright.  

 Alias Partners SA takes all reasonable steps to ensure the reliability of this information at the time of publication. However, it cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information provided. This information is provided for information purposes only and may be changed at any time without notice.

 It is hereby clarified that the content of the present information does not constitute a solicitation, offer or recommendation of any kind on the part of Alias Partners SA to subscribe to investment products or services.