Vanessa Guarnera

CFO, COO, Member of the Management Committee


Having studied business administration, Vanessa Guarnera spent 5 years working at Banque Scandinave en Suisse – which became Banque Edouard Constant in 1997. During this time, she worked in the accounting department and then in the external asset management department. In 1998 she joined CRSC Gestion, which became Alias Partners in 2018. Since 2001 she is a certified financial and investment specialist (CFPI-CIWM).

Reasons for working in an independent
wealth management organization

  • Because of the freedom to make decisions and take action in all aspects of collaboration with banks and in the selection of investments
  • Because of the strong relationship with clients, which she sees as both personal and lasting
  • To grow within an organization on a human scale with an accessible structure that facilitates decision-making, flexibility, and change.
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