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Since everyone’s life is different, Alias Partners offers customized management for all circumstances and a far wider range of solutions than traditional partners.

In other words: knowing clients well and understanding the challenges involved makes it possible to provide solutions that are more personalized.

Discretionary <br />


By taking full charge of all aspects of wealth management – portfolio structure, investment strategy, and asset allocation – Alias Partners enables its clients to focus on essentials. Each portfolio is structured, managed, and optimized on the basis of a risk profile, taking into account the client’s defined requirements and constraints.


The aim of discretionary management is to protect and grow assets to optimize the transition to the next generation. This type of mandate enables each client to free themselves of the constraints involved in wealth management, especially the operational, administrative, and regulatory work. In this context, the role of Alias Partners includes providing advice, looking ahead, and supplying the expertise required to address each client’s present and future financial needs.


Since wealth managers at Alias Partners are not subject to any investment constraints, they can offer personalized risk management and portfolio optimization solutions with the aid of innovative modern analysis tools. State-of-the-art technology and applications facilitate the protection of assets while ensuring constant monitoring of the various elements involved.