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Family offices

To make life easier for clients, Alias Partners takes over the administrative and operational management of their business.

In other words: why not offload tasks that are often time-consuming, and benefit from expert advice and support?

Family offices


As part of the services it provides, Alias Partner includes the option of handling clients’ administrative, operational, regulatory, and tax affairs. Thanks to a network of trusted partners – lawyers, tax advisors, trustees, real estate specialists – Alias Partners can offer a range of skills to respond appropriately to any challenge and any project, whether private, family, or professional. This all-round support, which also includes inheritance planning and succession advice, offers every client optimal transfer of their wealth during their lifetime or to their heirs.


The aim of all family office services offered by Alias Partners is to reduce the administrative workload of clients to enable them to achieve their aspirations. In addition, every client can appoint their wealth manager to represent them in dealings with administrative authorities and financial institutions and can be sure that their interests and those of their relatives will be fully respected.


Alias Partners executes all requests on a state-of-the-art basis, with a consistent focus on transparency and discretion. The tireless efforts of its team and the quality of its network of partners ensure rapid access to skills and expertise so as to ensure an effective response to specific requests.