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Safeguarding assets is the first step in efficient wealth management. To protect assets against fluctuations, Alias Partners safeguards the assets of each client to anticipate any changes.

In other words: understanding the challenges and market movements, managing, anticipating, and monitoring are the guarantors of wealth management geared to the long term.



Monitoring forms the basis of the activities of Alias Partners. This service comprises cutting-edge tools for the management of each portfolio, to assist in combining, analyzing, and monitoring all the assets managed internally and by third parties. Alias Partners therefore offers suitable decision-making tools to guide choices and set up solutions that best serve clients’ interests. Solutions are also based on an optimization tool that makes it possible to structure an ideal portfolio, aligned to each client’s requirements and constraints, while monitoring risks.


The aim of monitoring is always to protect and preserve assets in the face of market movements and to ensure efficient, long-term asset management. That aim is reflected in the concepts of managed risk, a long-term view and performance.


In monitoring, innovation is key. Thanks to the development and use of tools based on state-of-the-art technology, Alias Partners enables its clients to consolidate their portfolios and assets (securities and real estate) and gives them access to an all-round vision for their wealth thanks to personalized reporting. In addition, e-banking solutions allow remote monitoring of assets.