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Alias Partners makes its market analysis available to investors who are experienced in wealth management but would like to challenge their own investment ideas.

In other words: sectors, regions, asset classes, or promising themes: Alias Partners is an endless source of inspiration.

Investment <br />


Alias Partners offers investment advice on all asset classes, based on clients’ risk tolerance. This offering includes preferential access to a platform of top-quality products and financial instruments: investment funds, structured products, certificates, etc. The selection of each fund is based on a thorough analysis of management methods and fund performance.


Alias Partners searches for investment opportunities for clients with the aim of growing their wealth. Through trusted partnerships that combine technology with investment expertise, Alias Partners offers exclusive access to performance products, while focusing on protecting assets, managing risk, and generating performance.


Thanks to strong values, constant availability, and maximum responsiveness,
Alias Partners is ideally equipped to anticipate market movements. As well as a flair for looking beyond well-trodden pathways, it has the freedom to act as it deems necessary, underpinned by agility and effective decision-making.